Mopar Touch-Up Paint Cross Reference Guide

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Sales Code Colour Name Product Line(s) Brush PN Spray PN Notes
P40 Black Clear Coat ZH 05127582AA 05127583AA 2006 and older
P40 Black Clear Coat ZH 05127570AB 05127571AA 2007 and newer
P60 Alabaster Clear Coat ZH 05127587AA 05127588AA
PSA Brilliant Silver ST 05142399AA 05142398AA
PD4 Ice Silver Metallic FJ, ST 05016997AA 05016998AA
PB5 Electric Blue DR, DH, ND, KA, PL, PT 04889844AB 04889845AA
PBE Butane Blue Metallic LH, RS, CS 04889824AA 04889825AA
PP4 Satin Jade JR, LH, LX, RS, CS 04889826AA 04889827AA
PRH Blaze Red Crystal PL, ZH 04889836AB 04889837AA 2005 and older
PXR Brilliant Black Crystal DS, DR, DH, ND, HB, HG, KA, MK, KK, JC, JR, JS, PM, PT, LC, LH, LX, RS, RT, CS, WJ, WK, XK 04889820AB 04889821AA
PB8 Midnight Blue Pearl Coat PL, PT, JR, LH, LX, RS, CS, TJ, WJ, WK, KJ, XK 04889866AB 04889867AA
PPK Magnesium Pearl Coat PT, JR, LX, RS, CS 04889905AB 04889920AA
PR8 Deep Molten Red Metallic Clear Coat RS, CS, DR, DH, AN, ND, HB, KJ 04889868AA 04889869AA
PS3 Sapphire Silver Metallic ZH 05127585AB 05127586AA
PWA Viper White Clear Coat ZB 04889935AA 04889936AA
PBK Aero Blue Pearl Coat ZH 05140903AB 05140902AA
PDM Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat PL, JR, RT, DS, DR, DH, ND, HB, HG, WK, XK 04889921AB 04889922AA
PVK Orange Blast Pearl Coat PL 04889943AA 04889944AA
PVR Copperhead Orange S/C ZB 04889986AB 04889987AA
PY3 Classic Yellow Pearl Coat ZH 05140901AB 05140900AA
PYG Linen Gold Pearl Coat PT, JR, JS, LX, RS, CS 04889937AB 04889938AA
PX8 Black Clear Coat PL, PT, FJ, ST, JR, JA, JX, LH, PM, RT, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, KA, MK, JK, TJ, WJ, WK, KJ, XK 04342250AB 04443609
PD9 Dark Titanium Metallic Clear Coat ST 05083249AA 05083250AA
PRN Viper Red Clear Coat ZB, SR 82400792AB 82400793
PX3 Viper Black Clear Coat ZB 82400900AB 82400901
PRS Deep Red ST 05101902AA 05101903AA
PBL Deep Blue Pearl Coat ST 05127578AA 05127579AA
PR4 Flame Red Clear Coat PL, PT, DS, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, NS, TJ, JK, WJ, KJ, XJ 82400890AB 82400891
PRB Indy Red FJ, ST 82400762 82400763
PK1 Silver Beige Metallic ST 05140899AA 05140898AA
PW1 Stone White Clear Coat PL, PT, JC, JA, JR, JS, LC, LH, LX, RS, RT, CS, PM, DS, DR, DH, ND, KA, MK, TJ, JK, WJ, WK, KJ, KK, XJ, XK 04864104AB 04864105
PBD Light Blue ST 05101900AA 05101901AA
PA9 Viper Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat ZB, SR 05010886AB 08010887AA
PWR Satin White ST 05066136AA 05066137AA
PEL Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Coat PT, JR, JA, JX, LH, LX, RS, NS, CS, WJ, WK 05013697AA 05013698AA
PHP Dark Plum PT 04889916AA 04889917AA
PS2 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat PL, PT, JA, JC, JR, JS, JX, NS, LC, LH, LX, RS, RT, CS, PM, DS, DR, DH, AN, ND, DN, HB, HG, KA, MK, TJ, JK, WJ, WK, KJ, KK, XK 04889427AB 04889428AA
PWG Cool Vanilla Clear Coat HG, PT, JR, LX, RS, XK 04889903AB 04889904AA
PDR Graphite Metallic Clear Coat PL, JR, LH, RS, CS, ZH, DR, BR, BE, AN, DN, HB, WJ 04889702AA 04889703AA
PMQ Deep Lava Red JR, LH, LX, WJ 04889822AA 04889823AA
PJC Light Khaki DR, DH, ND, HB, HG, KA, MK, PM, TJ, WK, KJ, XK 05083325AB 05083326AA
PG2 Light Cypress Green Pearl Coat JA, JX, LH, NS 05013699AA 05013700AA
PJT Dark Khaki Metallic Clear Coat WJ, WK, KJ, XK 04889945AA 04889946AA
PV5 Impact Orange TJ 04889933AA 04889934AA
PGJ Wildwood Green Pearl Coat DR, DH, ND, HB 04889939AA 04889940AA
PGV Deep Beryl Green Pearl Coat RS, TJ, WK, KJ, XK 04889949AA 04889950AA
PW7 Bright White Clear Coat PT, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, HG 04889598AB 04889599AA 2001 and newer
PYH Solar Yellow Clear Coat PL, JR, LX, PM, AN, BR, BE, TJ 05013705AB 05013706AA
PB7 Patriot Blue Pearl Coat PL, PT, RS, NS, CS, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, TJ, WJ, KJ, XJ 04889407AB 04889408AA
PBT Patriot Blue Pearl Coat DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, TJ, WJ, KJ 04889407AB 04889408AA
PSB Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat ZB, AB, DR, BR, BE, ND, AN, DN, TJ, WJ, WK, XK 04889571AB 04889572AA 1999 and newer
PGR Shale Green Metallic Clear Coat PL, PT, JA, JX, LH, RS, NS, TJ, WJ 04889429AA 04889430AA
PBJ Atlantic Blue Pearl Coat PL, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND, HB, KJ 04889704AA 04889705AA
PKJ Light Almond Pearl Metallic Clear Coat PL, PT, JR, LH, RS, CS, DR, DH, BR, BE, AN, DN, ND 04889708AA 04889709AA
AHR Blaze Red Crystal ZH 05134805AA 05134803AA
PP6 Bright Seamist Green PT 04889919AA 04889918AA
PR1 Viper Red ZB 05140904AA
PBW Bridge Water Blue JR, LH 04889586AA 04889587AA 2003 and newer
PBW Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl Coat JR, LH, SR 04889586AA 04889587AA 2002 and older
PJR Onyx Green PT, JR, LH, RS, CS, WJ 04889590AA 04889591AA
PFM Cactus Green KJ 04889838AA 04889839AA
PGL Electric Lime Green Clear Coat TJ 04889928AA 04889927AA
PJN Moss Green TJ 04796132 04796133
PU7 Sienna Pearl Coat TJ, XJ 04889409AA 04889410AA
PGW Timberline Green PL 04889818AA 04889819AA New for 2003
PVE Tangerine Metallic PT, LX 04889828AB 04889829AA New for 2003
PLD Caffe Latte Metallic Clear Coat ST 05083247AA 05083248AA 2003 and newer
PMT Deep Cranberry PL, PT, JA, JX, NS 05003508AA 05003509AA
PBQ Steel Blue Pearl Coat PL, PT, JR, LH, RS, TJ, WJ, KJ, XJ 04889415AA 04889416AA
PRV Dark Garnet Red Pearl Coat PL, PT, JR, LH, RS, CS, DR, BR, BE, AN, DN, WJ, KJ 04889425AA 04889426AA
PSA Prowler Silver PR 04889537AA 05017630AA
PVF Prowler Orange PR 04889623AA 05066598AA
PYJ Inca Gold PR, TJ 04889596AA 04889597AA
PRL Prowler Deep Candy Red PR 04889849AA
PW6 Bright White AB 04504065 04504066
PEI Colorado Red AB 82201354 82201355
PG4 Hunter Green Metallic AB 82201448 82201449
PR8 Director Red Metallic AB 82201356 82201357
PSC Light Arctic Gray AB 82201616 82201617
PMD Med. Red Metallic AB 04864094 04864095
PPG Dark Spruce Metallic AB 04864096 04864097
PX9 Black (Lacquer) 02809785 02809784 1965-2003
PB3 Intense Blue AN, BR, BE, TJ 05003516AA 05003517AA
PFF Light Pewter Metallic Clear Coat TJ, XJ 04889588AA 04889589AA
PU2 Woodland Brown Satin Glow TJ 04889592AA 04889593AA
PUB Woodland Brown Satin Glow TJ, WJ 04889594AA 04889595AA
PGM Deep Evergreen ST 05018474AA 05018475AA
PR6 Ruby Red ST 05018476AA 05018477AA
PXT Prowler Black Clear Coat PR 05014030AA 05014031AA
PYR Viper Race Yellow ZB, SR 04889662AB 05066467AA
PB2 Sterling Blue Satin Glow JR, LH, RS 04889584AA 04889585AA
PB9 Prowler Midnight Blue PR 04889751AA 04889773AA
PY6 Inca Gold Pearl Coat PT 04889596AA 04889597AA 2002 and newer
PDR Viper Graphite Metallic SR, ZB 04889702AA 04889703AA
PTJ Med. Sandstone Metallic PL 04889706AA 04889707AA
PV3 Amber Fire Pearl Coat BR, BE, AN, TJ 04889411AA 04889412AA
PS5 Silverstone Metallic Clear Coat TJ, WJ, XJ 04889419AA 04889420AA
PE5 Salsa Red Pearl Coat PL, PT, KJ 04889447AA 04889448AA
PD7 Driftwood Metallic Satin WJ 05083251AA 05083328AA
PG8 Forest Green Pearl Coat DR, BR, BE, AN, DN, TJ, XJ 04798420 04798421
PTK Taupe Frost Metallic Clear Coat PT, JR, JA, JX, NS, WJ 04886267AA 04886268AA
PLB Cinnamon Glaze Metallic Clear Coat PL, LH 05003510AA 05003511AA
PRD Prowler Red Clear Coat PR 05014032AA 05014033AA
PTE Champagne Pearl Metallic JR, JA, JX, LH, RS, NS 05003512AA 05003513AA
PQW Aquamarine Metallic Clear Coat PT, RS, NS, DN 04889423AA 04889424AA
PBV Indigo Blue ST 05066134AA 05066135AA
PTF Light Beige ST 05018472AA 05018473AA
PY6 Aztec Yellow Pearl Coat PT 04889596AA 04889597AA 2001 only
PS4 Bright Platinum Metallic Clear Coat DN 82300455 82300456
PEA Chili Pepper Red Pearl Coat DN 05003518AA 05003519AA
PTH Champagne Pearl Coat WJ 05013713AA 05013715AA
PUL Sienna Tinted Pearl Coat WJ 05013716AA 05013717AA
PTL Sierra Bronze Pearl Coat BR, BE, AN, DN 04889421AA 04889422AA
PVL Amber Fire Pearl Coat AN 04889413AA 04889414AA
PW7 Bright White Clear Coat PL, FJ, JA, JX, LH, NS, AN, BR, BE, DN 04504065 04504066 2000 and older
PLD Caffe Latte ST, FJ 05010126AA 05010127AA 2002 and older
PWP Golden White Pearl Tri-Coat NS 04798428 04798429
PQH Shark Blue FJ 05013701AA 05013702AA
PCN Deep Amethyst Pearl Coat PL, JA, JX 04886265AA 04886266AA
PAW Deep Slate Pearl Coat LH, NS 04886273AA 04886274AA
PS6 Viper Steel Gray Pearl Coat SR 04889553AA 05017629AA
PE1 Colorado Red AB 82201354 82201355
PFA Light Driftwood Satin Glow BR, BE, AN 82201450 82201451
PFK Light Driftwood Satin Glow BR, BE, DN 82201450 82201451
PJP Medium Fern Green Pearl Coat TJ, XJ 04796138 04796139
PPT Everglade Pearl Coat WJ 05013707AA 05013708AA
PTD Desert Sand Pearl Coat TJ, XJ 05013711AA 05013712AA
PA5 Silver Mist 4796158 1995-1998
PC7 Pewter Blue 04897154AA 1997-1998
PGE Polo Green 04864112 1996-1999
PT2 Light Tundra 05252289 1999
PT6 Medium Tundra Metallic 5252293 1999
PFF Spanish Olive 04864114 1996-1998
PRF Metallic Red Clear Coat 82400722 1992-1998
PJE Viper Yellow Clear Coat 82400894 1998
PC6 Medium Blue Metallic 82201612 1993-1998
P51 Deep Plum Metallic 05010888AA 1998
PCT Plum 05013703AA 1999
PMG Wildberry 82400888 1998
PRR Paprika Red 04897146AA 1997-1999
PC5 Light Iris Pearl Coat 82300445 1994-1998
PGF Emerald Green Pearl Coat 82400810 1992-1999
PGS Emerald Green Pearl Coat 82300437 1994-1999
PRE Strawberry Pearl Coat 82300435 1994-1999
PC4 Lapis Blue 04796110 1995-1998
PCW Dark Iris Pearl Coat 04798426 1996-1998
PEG Dark Rosewood Pearl Coat 04796116 1995-1998
PH2 Candy Apple Red Metallic Tint Clear Coat 04798416 1998-1999
PJ7 Char-Gold II Satin Glow 0496128 1995-1998
PJM Light Silverfern Pearl Coat 04796130 1995-1998
PRC Metallic Red Pearl Coat 04796148 1995-1999
P99 Unreleased Paint ANY N/A N/A Special Build Colour
PPJ Island Teal Satin Glow 04798422 1996-1999
PPK Light Spruce 04864098 1996-1998
PQM Bright Jade Satin Glow 04864102 1996-1999
PQP Bright Jade Satin Glow 04864896 1996 & 1998
PCU Deep Amethyst Pearl Coat 04886265AA 04886266AA 1997-1999
PH7 Prowler Purple Metallic Clear Coat 04886275AA 1997-1999
PQ7 Gunmetal Pearl Coat 04886271AA 1997-1999
PU1 Dark Chestnut Pearl Coat 04886269AA 1997-1999
PU3 Dark Chestnut Pearl Coat 04886269AA 1997-1998
PGT Alpine Green Pearl Coat 05003514AA 1998-1999
PY3 Prowler Yellow Clear Coat 05013695AA 1999
PS2 Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat 05013709AA 05013710AA 1999
PUR Sienna Pearl Coat 05014028AA 1999
PBM Prism Blue 04864110 1996-1997
PFG Dark Fernlea 04796156 1996-1997
PMB Wildberry Pearl Coat 82400888 1993-1997
PX3 Black Clear Coat 82400900 82400901 1993-1997
PCH Brilliant Blue Pearl Coat 82300449 1994-1997
PCJ Dark Blue Pearl Coat 82300447 1994-1997
PP6 Island Teal Satin Glow 04798422 1996-1997
PPE Spruce Pearl Coat 04796146 1995-1997
PEK Light Autumnwood 04864116 1996-1997
PBE Viper Blue Pearl Coat ZB, SR 04864082AB 04864083
PH1 Magenta Clear Coat 04864088 1996-1997
PJG Moss Green Pearl Coat 04796132 1996-1997
PJV Citron Pearl Coat 04864092 1996-1997
PW4 Opal Satin Glow 04864106 1996-1997
PYK Drama Gold Metallic Clear Coat 04864108 1996-1997
PYL Light Gold Pearl Coat 04798418 1996-1997
PQP Jade 04897148AA 1997
PRH Inferno Red Crystal PT, JC, JS, JR, LC, LX, RS, RT, CS, PM, DS, DR, DH, ND, HB, KA, MK, KJ, KK, ZH 04889836AB 04889837AA 2006 and newer
PRH Blaze Red Clear Coat ZH 05134805AA 05134803AA 2006
PB6 Marine Blue Pearl Coat HB, HG, MK, PT, PM, LX, RS, CS 05163031AB 05163032AA New for 2006
PA4 Silver Steel Clear Coat JC, JR, JS, LX, PT, RS, CS 05163021AB 05163020AA New for 2006
PAP Viper Slate Crystal Pearl Coat ZB 05163049AB 05163050AA New for 2006
PBM Steel Blue Metallic Clear Coat ND, HB, HG, MK, JK, LX, PM, WK, XK 05163023AB 05163022AA New for 2006
PDR Machine Gray Metallic Clear Coat ZH 05163051AB 05163052AA New for 2006
PTB Oyster Gold Crysal Metallic Clear Coat ZH 05179662AB 05179663AA New for 2006
PV6 Sunburst Orange Pearl Coat DS, DR, ND, KA, MK, JK, KK, JS, PM, RT 05163053AB 05163054AA
PRJ Inferno Red Crystal DS, DR, ND, WK, XK 04889836AB 04889837AA
PVE Go Mango! DR, LX 04889828AB 04889829AA Daytona Pkg
P03 Calcite Yellow VA 05127540AB 05127542AA
PV3 Amber Red Metallic VA 05127543AB 05127546AA
PR4 Flame Red VA 05127547AB 05127548AA
P04 Piedmont Red VA 05127549AB 05127550AA
PBM Jasper Blue Metallic VA 05127551AB 05127552AA
PCH Brilliant Blue VA 05127553AB 05127554AA
P05 Hyacinth Blue VA 05127555AB 05127556AA
PBQ Steel Blue VA 05127557AB 05127558AA
P02 Black Blue VA 05127559AB 05127560AA
PCK Orchid Green VA 05127561AB 05127563AA
P06 Black Gray VA 05127564AB 05127565AA
P07 Stone Gray VA 05127566AB 05127567AA
P08 Silver Gray VA 05127568AB 05127569AA
PXB Jet Black VA 05127570AB 05127571AA
P01 Arctic White VA 05127572AB 05127574AA
P09 Carbon Black Metallic VA 05127575AB 05127576AA
PD3 Brilliant Silver Metallic VA 05127580AB 05127581AA
PYH Top Banana LX 05013705AB 05013706AA Daytona Pkg
PAM Silver Metallic 04796154 1995-1996
PAF Medium Gray 82300481 1994-1996
PCG Blue 82300485 1994-1996
PGZ New Frosted Green 04864430 1996
PG2 Emerald Green 82400756 1992-1996
PGD Dark Green Pearl Coat 82300473 1994-1996
PM4 Claret Red Pearl Coat 04443888 1988-1996
PSB Kaiser Silver Import 82300479 1995-1996
PSD Light Silver 82300477 1995-1996
PV1 Light Pearlstone Pearl Coat 82201350 1995-1996
PS7 Dark Silver Metallic 04636828 1991-1996
PFN Olive 04864422 1996
PQE Aqua Pearl Coat 82400726 1992-1996
PMG Wildberry Pearl Coat 82300483 1994-1996
PMP Dark Red Pearl Coat 04864432 1996
PHA Orchid 04864428 1996
PRP True Red 04864420 1996
PMG Paprika Red 04897146AA 1997
PQK Aqua Pearl Coat 82300441 1994-1996
PE7 Passion Red 04636849 1995-1996
PRB Radiant Fire Red Import 82400762 82400763 1992-1997
PBK Medium Blue Pearl Coat 04796108 1995-1996
PFK Light Driftwood Satin Glow AN, BR 04796126 1995-1996
PHC Candy Apple Red 04798416 1995-1996
PMH Wild Orchid Pearl Coat 04796140 1995-1996
PMK Wild Orchid Pearl Coat 04796140 1995-1995
PMM Claret Red Pearl Coat 04796142 1995-1996
PCP Pale Iris Clear Coat 04798424 1996
PF4 Light Kiwi Pearl Coat 04864084 1996
PF5 Light Kiwi Pearl Coat 04864084 1996
PCE Light Blue Metallic 82400938 1993-1996
PBT Bright Blue 04864426 1996
PCR Deep Blue 82300463 1996
PCR Dark Blue Pearl Coat 82300463 1994-1995
PPC Turquoise Metallic 82300465 1994-1996
PBS Borden Blue 04864424 1996
PW4 Bright White Import 04504083 1988-1996
PWL Brilliant White 82400926 1995-1996
PWD Galaxy White 04636855 1995-1996
PWJ Radiant White 82400766 1992-1996
PC8 Navy Blue Metallic 04271811 1986-1995
PCK Dark Blue Pearl Coat 82400928 1993-1995
PGK Deep Green 82400934 1993-1995
PGC Frosted Green 82300475 1994-1995
PD8 Dark Quartz Metallic 04504656 1989-1995
PG5 Hunter Green Metallic Clear Coat 04637387 1991-1995
PAC Silver Star Metallic 04636832 1991-1995
PRB Radiant Fire Clear Coat 04636834 1991-1995
PP5 Teal Pearl Coat 82400728 1992-1995
PC9 Deep Blue Metallic 82201338 1992-1995
PGQ Emerald Green Pearl Coat 82300457 1994-1995
PJ8 Char-Gold Satin Glow 82400892 1993-1995
PJE Dandelion Yellow Clear Coat 82400894 1993-1995
PQF Medium Turquoise Metallic 82201608 1993-1995
PQG Light Turquoise 82201610 1993-1995
PS9 Dark Arctic Gray 82201614 1993-1995
PE7 Scarlet Red 04636849 1991-1994
PRG Dark Red 04636847 1991-1995
PR6 Vivid Red 04504072 1988-1995
PAQ Silver Star Metallic Pearl Coat 04796106 1995
PB3 Medium Blue Pearl Coat 04796108 1995
PCS Dark Blue Pearl Coat 04796112 1995
REF Light Rosewood Satin Glow 04796114 1995
PF2 Nitro Yellow Clear Coat 04796118 1995
PSP Dark Silver Metallic Clear Coat 04796150 1995
PV5 Bright Mango Clear Coat 04796152 1995
PJ9 Char-Gold 04796160 1995
PBJ Medium Blue-Gray 04796162 1995
PCQ Bright Blue Pearl Coat 82300467 1994-1995
PX2 Jet Black 05252309 1990-1995
PJH Tropical Lime 82300489 1995
PJ5 Frost Lime Metallic 82300471 1995
PY1 Pearl Yellow Pearl Coat 82300469 1994-1995
PM9 Black Cherry Pearl Coat 04504051 1988-1994
PCX Black (Jeep Hardtop) 82201342 1992-1994
PM3 Raspberry Pearl Coat 05252332 1990-1994
PQD Light Turquoise Metallic 05252299 1990-1994
PBD Light Blue Satin Glow 04636844 1991-1994
PBF Medium Water Blue Satin Glow 04636842 1991-1994
PC3 Electric (Bonzai) Blue Metallic Clear Coat 04636824 1991-1994
PQ2 Glamour Turquoise Metallic Clear Coat 04636840 1991-1994
PRC Radiant Red 82201348 1992-1994
PV4 Light Champagne Metallic Clear Coat 04636836 1991-1994
PWC Frost White (Jeep Hardtop) 82201346 1992-1994
PTB Spice 82201344 1992-1994
PBC Light Royal Blue Satin Glow 82400898 1993-1994
PD2 Medium Quartz Metallic 04636904 1991-1994
PAD Dark Silver Metallic 82400932 1993-1994
PMW Pearl White Pearl Coat 82400936 1993-1994
PWL Bright White 82400926 1993-1994
PC3 Electric Blue Metallic 04636824 1991-1994
PSB Dark Gray Import 82300479 1994
PGB Light Green Metallic 82300491 1994
PGA Peacock Green 82400752 1992-1994
PRM Medium Red Pearl Coat 82400760 1992-1994
PJH Greenish Yellow Metallic 82300489 1994-1995
PJ5 Greenish Yellow Metallic 82300471 1994
PAB Ascot Gray Clear Coat 82300453 1994
PBE Sky Blue Pearl Coat 82300451 1994
PME Wildberry Pearl Coat 82300631 1994
PP2 Pale Blue Clear Coat 82300443 1994
PPD Teal Pearl Coat 82300629 1994
PEF Light Rosewood Satin Glow 04796114 1995
PCR Dark Blue Pearl Coat 82400982 1993
PBA Normandie Blue Metallic 82400750 1992-1993
PCM Hessen Medium Blue Metallic 82400981 1993
PC2 Light Blue Metallic 04293121 1983-1993
PC2 Glacier Blue Metallic Clear Coat 04293121 1983-1993
PX9 Black Clear Coat 04342250 04443609 For base/clear applications
PE9 Dark Cordovan Pearl Coat 04397404 1986-1993
PG7 Saint-Amour Green Metallic 82400984 1993
PGJ Saint-Amour Green Metallic 82400984 1993
PAE Medium Gray Pearl Coat 82400983 1993
PSB Charcoal Gray Metallic 04504745 1989-1993
PA4 Grace Silver Metallic Clear Coat 04504081 1988-1993
H89 Corse Gray Metallic 82400930 1993
PB8 Midnight Blue Metallic Clear Coat 04504682 1990-1993
PC1 Diamond Blue Metallic Clear Coat 04504676 1989-1993
PD3 Platinum Silver Metallic 05252346 1990-1993
PB6 Dark Spectrum Blue Metallic Clear Coat 05252283 1990-1993
PH6 Light Mahogany Metallic Clear Coat 05252285 1990-1993
PH8 Dark Mahogany Metallic Clear Coat 05252287 1990-1993
PDA Bright Silver Quartz Metallic Clear Coat 82201340 1992-1993
PG6 Mediterranean Green Pearl Coat 82400724 1992-1993
PG6 Beryl Green Pearl Coat 82400724 1992-1993
PVB Dark Copper Pearl Coat 82201352 1992-1993
PC6 Parade Blue Metallic 82201612 1993-1994
PCF Neon Blue Metallic Clear Coat 82400896 1993
P75 Bright Silver Metallic ZH 68011571AA 68011572AA New for 2007
PYD Pastel Yellow Clear Coat PT 05163121AA 05163122AA New for 2007
PBD Marathon Blue Pearl Coat JS, PT, RT 05163097AA 05163096AA New for 2007
PBL Modern Blue Pearl Coat CS, JS, RS, RT, KA, KK, WK, XK 0516090AA 05163091AA New for 2007
PCF Opal Metallic Clear Coat PT 05163124AA 05163125AA New for 2007
PVJ Cognac Crystal Pearl Coat PT, HG, CS, RS 05163093AA 05163094AA New for 2007
PYB Detonator Yellow Pearl Coat LX, DS, DR, ND, JK 05163158AA 05163159AA New for 2007
PFB Sublime Metallic Clear Coat LX 05163154AA 05163155AA New for 2007
PHG Plum Crazy Pearl Coat LX 05163160AA 05163161AA New for 2007
PR3 Tor Red Clear Coat DS, ND, KA, JS, LC, LX 05163108AA 05163109AA New for 2006
EDA Light Greystone Pearl Coat JK, WK, XK 05163102AA 05163103AA New for 2007
PEM Red Rock Crystal Pearl Coat JK, KK, WK, XK 05163099AA 05163100AA New for 2007
PGJ Jeep Green Metallic Clear Coat MK, JK, WK, KJ, KK, XK 05163058AB 05163059AA New for 2007
PJR Rescue Green Metallic Clear Coat JK 05163156AA 05163157AA New for 2007
PBG Clearwater Blue Pearl Coat CS, JS, LX, RT 05163222AA 05163223AA New for 2008
PRS Venom Red Metallic Clear Coat ZB 05163395AA 05163394AA New for 2008
PCV Viper Violet Pearl Coat ZB 05163397AA 05163396AA New for 2008
PDT Dark Titanium Pearl Coat JS, LC, LX, RT 05163224AA 05163225AA New for 2008
PHF Deep Crimson Crystal Pearl Coat HG, CS, RT 05163219AA 05163220AA New for 2008
PKG Light Sandstone Metallic Clear Coat CS, JC, JS, LX, RT, HB, HG, KA, PM, MK, KK 05163215AA 05163216AA New for 2008
PLC HEMI Orange Pearl Coat LC, LX 05163226AA 05163227AA New for 2008
PQD Surf Blue Pearl Coat JC, LC, LX, PM, PT, MK, JK 05163212AA 05163213AA New for 2008
PBC Viper Bright Blue Pearl Coat ZB 05163399AA 05163398AA New for 2008
PBS Deep Water Blue Pearl Coat DS, ND, KA, MK, JK, KK,JC, JS, LC, LX, PM, PT, RT 05163347AA 05163348AA New for 2008
PGS Viper Snakeskin Green Pearl Coat ZB 05163401AA 05163400AA New for 2008
PK3 Viper Bright Orange Pearl Coat ZB 05163403AA 05163402AA New for 2008
PPL Melbourne Green Pearl Coat JC, PT, RT 05163345AA 05163346AA New for 2008
PAF Hibiscus Red VB 68043731AA 68043737AA New for 2008
PDA Light Greystone Pearl Coat DS, KA, JK, WK, KK, XK 05163102AA 05163103AA
PWL White Gold Metallic Clear Coat JC, JS, LX, RT 05163552AA 05163553AA New for 2010
PGR Anaconda Green Pearl Coat ZB 05163515AA 05163516AA New for 2009
PXS Diamond Black Pearl Coat ZB 05163513AA 05163514AA New for 2009
PBV Blackberry Pearl Coat RT 05163554AA 05163555AA New for 2010
PUV Dark Cordovan Pearl Coat LX, RT 05163550AA 05163551AA New for 2010
PFG Optic Green Metallic Clear Coat PM, MK 05163558AA 05163559AA New for 2010
PHG Plum Crazy Pearl Coat LC 05163634AA 05163635AA New for 2010 - Not the same color as used on LX
PAM Velvet Red VB 68043987AA 68043988AA
PBC Vanda Blue VB 68044091AA 68044092AA
PPH Aqua Green VB 68044093AA 68044094AA
PFG Olive Green Metallic Clear Coat WK, XK 05163232AA 05163233AA New for 2009
PKL Austin Tan Pearl Coat DS, ND, HB 05163490AA 05163491AA New for 2009
PTW Rugged Brown Pearl Coat DS 05163556AA 05163557AA New for 2010
PQN City Teal Metallic Clear Coat HB, HG 05163464AA 05163465AA New for 2009
PAV Dark Charcoal Pearl Coat KA, JK, KK 05163546AA 05163547AA New for 2010
PGN Natural Green Pearl Coat MK, JK, KK 05163544AA 05163545AA New for 2010
PRC Caliente Red Metallic Clear Coat HG, KA, KK 05163542AA 05163543AA New for 2010
PVG Mango Tango Pearl Coat DS, ND 05163548AA 05163549AA New for 2010
RXF Jet Black Jeep Top JK 68060405AA 68060406AA
ZJ8 Dark Khaki Jeep Top JK 68060403AA 05134797AA
PSW Dark Carbon Pearl Coat RT 05163502AA 05163503AA New for 2009
PBA Winter Chill/Lt. Blue P/C FF 5163941AA 5163942AA
PRM Redline 2 - Coat JC, JF, PF, RT 5163748AA 5163749AA
PRP Deep Cherry Red P/C JF, LX, RT 5163648AA 5163649AA
PRY Redline Tri-Coat LC, LD, LX 5163750AA 5163751AA
PSC Billet Silver Metalic JC, FF, JF, LC, LD, LX, PF, RT, UF, ZD 5163738AA 5163739AA
PWD Ivory 3-Coat LC, LD, LX 5163838AA 5163839AA
PAR Maximum Steel Metalic PF 68154430AA 68154431AA
PHB Sky 5163882AA 68158320AA
PBP Blue Pearl Coat 5163754AA 5163755AA
PBU True Blue Pearl Coat PF, RT 5163947AA 5163948AA
PBX Jazz Blue Pearl Coat LC, LD, LX 68183807AA 68183808AA
PCL Vivid Blue Pearl Coat JC, UF 5163953AA 5163954AA
PDB Crystal Blue UF 5163955AA 5163956AA
PDC Pewter Grey Pearl Coat 68183833AA 68183834AA
PFP Verde 5163756AA 5163757AA
PFS Cashmere Pearl Coat JF, RT 5163949AA 5163950AA
PGA Verde Chiaro JF 5163762AA 5163759AA
PL4 Header Orange ZD 5163996AA 5163997AA
PLB Copperhead Pearl Coat JF 5163762AA 5163763AA

Product Brush PN Spray PN
Clear Top Coat 04443637AB 04443632
Corrosion Inhibitor 82300508AB 05179671AA
Primer-Filler 04443636AB 04443633

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